Cosmetic Correction of Eyelids

The stretching of the eyelids' skin is a normal change that comes with aging. Stretched and heavy eyelids can nevertheless lower a person's quality of life, interfere with working and reading and be cosmetically disturbing.

By conducting a surgery on the eyelids, it is possible to reshape the upper or the lower eyelids (remove superfluous skin, if necessary - with the hypodermic tissue).

The scale and price of the surgery is determined by the surgeon in the course of the preceding consultation. The surgery is normally conducted using local anaesthesia and by operating on 2 eyelids at a time. The price of the surgery is 800 EUR, depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Aftercare takes place ambulatorily and the threads will be removed in about a week. The disappearance of the swelling and suffusions takes at least 1-2 weeks.