Suitability of laser surgery

You are probably NOT a good candidate for refractive surgery if:

  • the prescription for your glasses is higher than -9 or +4 diopters. The larger the refraction error, the more corneal tissue would have to be removed. It is important that the cornea is not left too thin after the operation.
  • You are less than 18 years of age.
  • due to worsening eyesight problems, You have had to switch to stronger glasses or contact lenses during the past few years.
  • You are pregnant, are planning to start a family or are nursing a child. Having the operation sooner than 6 months after nursing is not recommended.
  • You have been diagnosed with keratoconus, corneal rash or inflammation of the iris.
  • You suffer from a disease or are using medicine which could influence the healing of a wound. Certain conditions such as autoimmune disorders (ex. lupus, rheumatoid arthritis) and immune deficiency disorders (AIDS), diabetes and some medicine (steroids) may slow recovery after laser surgery.
  • You are actively involved in contact-sports such as boxing or wrestling, where damage to the eye area is common. SMILE or ASA procedures are recommended in such cases.

Other risk factors:

  • Eyelid inflammation increases the risk of corneal inflammation after the surgery.
  • Very wide pupils may cause vision problems such as double vision and light-source dissipation in the dark. Therefore driving in poorly lit areas or during bad weather may become complicated.
  • If the LASIK method is used, the effects of dry eye syndrome tend to become more severe. As some of the corneal nerves are severed, tear production is decreased.