Types of surgeries

ReLEx Smile

ReLex Smile is a new third-generation laser surgery which is carried out only with a femto laser. The SMILE method unites the LASIK method and the no-touch surface polishing advantages: no-flap laser surgery and quick and painless recovery of vision.


FemtoLASIK is a laser procedure where a corneal flap is created from deeper layers with laser impulses, and then the flap is elevated and removed from the main tissue with an excimer laser. The Carl Zeiss company’s next generation VisuMax femto laser has unrivalled accuracy and safety features that allow us to help patients to whom earlier types of laser surgery with the LASIK method was high risk or impossible.

No-touch ASA

ASA (advanced surface ablation) is a type of laser surgery where the epithelium is removed with laser pulses and then the basal layer of the cornea is polished with the same laser. 

Femto 40+

With the current safety level of the femto laser method it is now possible for persons over 40 years of age to get rid of glasses with the LASIK procedure because this solution is safe and does not impair the quality of vision, contrast sensitivity or low-light vision.

Phakic IOL

In cases where the cornea is too thin or the refraction error is too large to be corrected with laser surgery, the solution may be implantation of an additional lens into the eye. Lately, more and more ICL lenses are implanted for patients with these types of issues.

Multifocal lens

Sharp vision at various distances is possible when the shape of the lens of the eye is changed. With age, lens elasticity decreases and causes middle-aged people, who were able to see well both far as close before, to need reading glasses.