The choice of method and type of surgery depends on many circumstances (such as the age, level of activity, size of minus or plus, or corneal thickness). There are differences between the methods which will directly affect your healing speed as well as the effects you will experience after the surgery. In addition to the price list, study the pros and cons of the different methods so you can make an informed choice.

Laser surgery comparison table

In order to choose the best method for your situation, we recommend that you thoroughly research your issue and consult with our surgeon, Dr Pait Teesalu.

Compatibility examinations for laser procedures or lens exchange80 EUR
Follow-up check for patients who have had the procedure more than 3 years ago 30 EUR

Laser surgeries

ReLEx SMILE laser procedure 2 650 EUR / 2 eyes
FemtoLASIK laser procedure 2 350 EUR / 2 eyes
Femto 40 + (Laser Blended Vision) procedure2 650 EUR / 2 eyes
No-touch Advanced Surface Ablation2 100 EUR / 2 eyes

We offer for free

Post-operative checks and warranty for 3 yearsFREE
If necessary, placement of a cap on the lacrimal canal FREE
Post-operative eye drops (except artificial tears)FREE
Post-operative artificial tears 2 x 10 ml FREE
SolarComfort sunglasses on the day of surgery FREE
Eye protectors on the day of surgeryFREE
After laser surgery (2 eyes), overnight stay for two at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel FREE

Lens exchange surgeries

Cataract surgery 700 EUR / eye
Refractive lens exchange with EDoF monofocal Eyhance or RayOne EMV artificial lens 1050 EUR / eye
STAAR Visian ICL or Visian Toric ICL additional lens implantation up to -4.5D 1 900 EUR / eye
STAAR Visian ICL additional lens implantation from -5.0 up to -18.0 D 1 900 EUR / eye
STAAR Visian Toric ICL additional lens implantation from -5.0 up to -18.0 D 2 500 EUR / eye
Artiflex additional lens implantation 1 400 EUR / eye
Lens exchange or cataract surgery with a Premium lens (PanOptix, Vivity, AT LISA tri, AT LARA or RayOne Trifocal) 1 600 EUR / eye
Lens exchange with a cylindrical Premium additional lens (PanOptix, AT LISA or AT LARA ot RayOne Trifocal toric) The Premium lens surgery price includes possible additional correction with a laser. 1 750 EUR / eye
Lens exchange with a monofocal EDoF Eyhance or RayOne EMV toric lens 1 250 EUR / eye
Lens exchange with a monofocal toric lens 1 050 EUR / eye

Cosmetic adjustment of eyelids

Surgical adjustments of eyelids from 1200 EUR / pair

Eye drops

Systane Hydration 10 ml12 EUR
Systane Ultra moisturizing eye drops 10 ml
12 EUR
Cationorm moisturizing eye drops 10 ml
11 EUR
Ocutears 7 ml
Ocutears Hydro 10 ml
12 EUR


Discount for designer sunglasses after laser surgery - 30%.