Comparison of eye laser surgeries

Surface ablation
ASA/ cut-free
Very good visual acuity is restored after the procedure a couple of weeks a couple of hours a couple of days
Possible discomfort (pain, photophobia, rubbing) after the procedure 3-5 days a few hours a few hours
Contact lens after laser procedure always, for 3-7 days rarely, up to 24 hours rarely, up to 24 hours
Later increased risk of eye trauma None yes none
Probability of dry eye (1 - low; 5 - high) 2 LASIK 4
femtoLASIK 3
Necessary medicines before the laser surgery Vitamin C No No
Treatment of inflammation with hormone drops after the procedure at least 1 month up to 2 weeks up to 2 weeks
Performed with which laser? excimer laser femto and excimer laser femto laser
How large minus? up to - 10 D up to - 9 D up to - 12 D
What cylinder power? up to - 4 D up to - 4 D up to - 5 D
How large plus? not used due to poor improvement up to + 4 D software in development
If the thickness of the cornea of the eye is less than 500 μm? Yes no yes
When can participation in contact sports be resumed? 1 week 3 months from 2nd day
When can use of eye and eyelash cosmetics be resumed? from 2nd week from 2nd week from 2nd day
Year of first operation 1987 1990 2006